‘Final FantasyF XIV’ Japanese Data Centers Under DDoS Attack

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Another major distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack hit ‘Final FantasyF XIV’ Japanese Data Centers. At the moment, Square Enix, the Japanese video game developer, said that it’s aware of the problem and is “taking countermeasures.” The company said that it will provide additional updates when more information becomes available. Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security commented below.

Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security:

“Any organisation built around the supply of online services is now, more than ever, at significant risk of business-damaging impact from DDoS attacks – online gaming sites are a prime example of this. DDoS has been long used as a game-play tactic to disconnect players that may have the upper-hand. In addition to players attacking each other, gaming sites themselves are often targeted by DDoS—disgruntled players aiming to take the game down or cause player accessibility issues. Online gaming cannot tolerate latency, downtime or outages due to DDoS—they need to be deploying the latest, automatic, instantaneous mitigation, to keep their services available at all times.”

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