FBI Issues ‘Drive-By’ Hacking Warning: This Is How To Secure Your Devices

The FBI has warned that “hackers can use those innocent devices to do a virtual drive-by of your digital life.” The issue is the smart digital technologies encroaching into all aspects of our lives: “Unsecured devices can allow hackers a path into your router, giving the bad guy access to everything else on your home network that you thought was secure. Are private pictures and passwords safely stored on your computer? Don’t be so sure.” The FBI suggests that to secure home networks, “your fridge and your laptop should not be on the same network—keep private, sensitive data on a separate system from your other IoT devices,” Forbes reported.

Tal Zamir, Founder and CTO,  Hysolate
December 09, 2019
IoT devices are definitely part of a "high risk" group of devices.
For IoT devices, it's also important to pay attention to change default passwords (which are sometimes simple empty or too weak) and to ensure they are only connected to a separate "guest WiFi" network and never to the full enterprise network. Always prefer IoT devices from well-known vendors such as Apple and Google and ensure they are up-to-date with the latest firmware updates from these vendor ....
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Moshe Elias, Director of Product Marketing,  Allot
December 10, 2019
Protecting against IoT attacks in the network itself provides significant benefits to both enterprises and consumers.
IoT devices are easy targets for hackers as they often couple traditionally poor vendor support and sparse patching with a lack of ‘security by design’ standardization and regulatory compliance. With billions of devices already connected, many manufactured up to 7-10 years ago, the existing installed base is quite old and vulnerable. Each of these devices represents a potential point of vulner ....
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