Fake EFF Domain to Serve Espionage Malware

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The Register has reported that hackers have been able to use a fake site Electronic Frontier Foundation website (electronicfrontierfoundation.org) to infect computers with malware.

Investigation revealed that the fake resource was registered on Shavandu Kirlin (Shawanda Kirlin) in Bali, Indonesia. Representatives of the organization believe that the name is fictional. Brian Spector, CEO of CertiVox have the following comments on it.

Brian Spector, CEO of Certivox :

“Fake domains are very common, one of the main methods of delivering malware payloads.

It is compounded by the fact that digital certificates can be awarded to these domains without rigorous security checks to give an air of legitimacy, so end users become even more trusting and vulnerable.

If an organisation discovers a fake website being used in an inappropriate manner, the process to rectify it can have enormous time and cost outlay.”

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