Experts On The Challenges Of GDPR Compliance

Last week it was announced that after a GDPR fine of £183 million earlier this year, half a million British Airways customers were told they could sue the airline over a 2018 data breach which saw their bank details and addresses stolen by hackers.

Whilst this certainly isn’t the first large firm to be hit by substantial fines, a worrying level of UK businesses do not yet appear to be fully GDPR-compliant, with many unclear about their state of compliance, even a year and a half after the regulations came in to effect.

Alastair Pooley, Chief Information Officer ,  Snow Software
October 09, 2019
Many companies are struggling with the 72-hour reporting timescale for a breach.
Complying with GDPR is challenging for business, as it is not an auditable standard where you can demonstrate controls and be confident that you have been declared compliant. Instead, whilst GDPR requires a business to adopt certain processes until it can be demonstrated that this is succeeding it is difficult to declare you are compliant. For example, many companies are struggling with the 72 ....
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