Experts On Report That 85% Of CISOs Admit They Sacrificed Cybersecurity To Quickly Enable Employees To Work Remotely

A new cybersecurity report surveyed 937 IT professionals worldwide about the recent cyber threats they have faced and how quickly they were able to respond. Netwrix conducted this online survey to understand how the pandemic and ensuing work-from-home (WFH) initiatives changed the IT risk landscape. The survey revealed that every fourth organisation feels that they are exposed to more risks than before the pandemic. Of them, 63% reported an increase in the frequency of cyberattacks and 60% found new security gaps as a result of the transition to remote work. What is more worrisome is that 85% of CISOs said that they had sacrificed cybersecurity to quickly enable remote work.

Organisations were asked to list the incidents they have experienced since the transition to remote work; the most common threat patterns were dependent on the human factor: phishing (48%), admin mistakes (27%) and improper data sharing by employees (26%).

Asma Zubair, Sr. Manager, IAST Product Management ,  Synopsys
September 25, 2020
The ROI appears to be the least popular metric of those listed within the report.
The majority of the threats and weaknesses listed in the survey aren’t new. Work from home scenarios have, however, increased the likelihood of incidents by increasing the attack surface of organizations due to remote working conditions. In a way, the pandemic is a blessing in disguise for security—you see, security and resilience of VPN systems wouldn’t have been tested to such a degree oth ....
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