Experts On Report: Developers Still Don’t Properly Handle Sensitive Data

It has been reported that open-source software projects continue to struggle with handling sensitive information, according to automated scans of hundreds of millions of commits to code repositories. Driven by increased research into software security, more software under development, companies’ greater openness to vulnerability reporting, and perhaps most of all – improvements to the process of recording vulnerability reports – the number of software security issues published in the National Vulnerability Database rose to the highest recorded level in 2019, surpassing 17,300 issues reported during the year.

Boris Cipot, Senior Sales Engineer ,  Synopsys
January 10, 2020
Training can certainly help to make developers more security aware.
Many organisations, not only OSS projects, find it difficult to code with security in mind. Many developers are self-learners or have been trained in school and universities, and use those skills as a hobby, to contribute to OSS project or to pursue their own personal projects. Unfortunately, training programmes and tutorials are often lacking when it comes to stressing the importance of security. ....
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