Experts On “Giggle” user community exposes womens’ images, location data, and more – ignored vuln. warnings, uses flawed verification

The new vulnerability report Giggle; laughable security from Digital Interruption reveals that the Giggle user community’s founders ignored warnings of a serious vulnerability that exposed women and teens’ location and other data, exposing them to sharp risk. The report also details the Giggle team’s failure to delete user data when accounts are deleted; and flawed and questionable user verification processes.

Chloé Messdaghi, VP of Strategy,  Point3 Security
September 11, 2020
Giggles app retains that data even when users leave the community and delete the app.
This is an example of why every company should have a vulnerability disclosure program. We see too many cases when the hacking community draws attention to a major gap in security, only to have an organization ignore the warnings and even target well-intentioned hackers with threats. The statement by the Giggles team that they don’t need a vulnerability program because they have a security team ....
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