Experts On Gardai Investigate Major Data Breach At Limerick Hospital

University Hospital Limerick has launched an investigation into a major data breach in which a rogue non-HSE employee leaked personal details belonging to more than 600 patients, including 95 children, to the internet, the Limerick Leader reported exclusively this morning.

This data belonging to 630 patients, including 95 children, was taken from an automated system that is used at the Dooradoyle emergency department to dispense medication safely.

Paul (PJ) Norris, Senior Systems Engineer,  Tripwire
October 07, 2020
Given the increased cyber-attacks against healthcare organizations.
To ensure patients’ care and safety, healthcare organizations must ensure that their environment is duly protected against unauthorized changes and misconfigurations, which can make their environment susceptible to a cyber-attack. Given the increased cyber-attacks against healthcare organizations, it is simply no longer sufficient to be merely be compliant with security frameworks. When retainin ....
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