Experts On Finastra Security Breach News

Brian Krebs is reporting that a security breach has disrupted operations at London-based fintech firm Finastra, which provides services to most of the world’s top 50 banks. Finastra has over 9,000 customers across 130 countries; sources at two different U.S. financial institutions forwarded a notice they received from Finastra saying the outage was expected to disrupt certain services, particularly for clients in North America.

Jim Van Dyke, CEO ,  Breach Clarity
March 23, 2020
A ransomware attack, in and of itself, does not necessarily expose personal data. Typically, it means the victimized company can’t access its own data. However, it can also mean the company’s data is in the hands of the hackers and could be publicly dumped if the attacked company does not comply with the hacker’s demands. Because Finastra has not released the results of its investigation, we ....
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Colin Bastable, CEO ,  Lucy Security
March 23, 2020
Outsourcing and the use of contractors multiplies the risk.
Organized crime rings, malignant state actors and opportunistic fraudsters adore crises, and this one offers them perfect cover. We've seen a massive surge in cyber attacks in March. Disrupted work patterns and distracted staff create ideal conditions for ransomware and BEC/CEO fraud attacks, as well as targeted, socially-engineered attacks. Golden Key Holders -- those people who have access to ....
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