Experts On EA Leaks Personal Data For ‘FIFA 20’

It has been reported that Electronic Arts have come under fire for accidentally leaking the personal information of thousands of FIFA players, pros and streamers. This comes just a couple of days after the gaming giant announced that all users who enable Login Verification (EA’s internal name for two-factor authentication) for their accounts would get free access to Origin Access for a month.

Ilia Kolochenko, Founder and CEO,  ImmuniWeb
October 07, 2019
Global cybersecurity skills shortage considerably exacerbates the problem.
In light of the disastrous data breaches of 2019, exposing billions of highly-sensitive datasets, this incident is rather of a minor gravity. Quite unlikely cybercriminals had a chance to profiter from this regrettable programming mistake. Thus, I’d not speculate about substantial risks for the players. Today, many organizations face ongoing pressure from global competition and have to rapidly ....
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Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
October 07, 2019
We must take care of our data where we can as it can be used by criminals in ways we may not usually think of such as identity theft
There are many ways to breach data within huge companies, including Electronic Arts, and this case is a reminder that we need to protect our personal data ourselves as much as we can. Many sites and games don’t always require your actual personal information. It is worth using a throwaway or a secondary email that doesn’t include your name. Furthermore, you could always slightly change your ....
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Rosemary O\'Neill, Director - Customer Delivery,  NuData Security
October 04, 2019
Two-factor authentication offers stronger security than the classic one-factor authentication.
The gaming industry has been hit hard by bad actors who are constantly trying to engineer new ways of bypassing security measures. We expect more online companies to follow this lead and offer a bonus to customers to implement greater security measures even though it might prove less convenient. At the same time, companies will need to clearly communicate to the consumer why the additional steps a ....
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