Experts On Arrests In Twitter’s Largest Security Breach, Steps To Protect Against Mobile Phishing Fraud

In response to news that a 17-year-old was one of three people arrested in connection with the largest privacy and security breach in Twitter’s history and the bitcoin scam that saw the accounts of public figures such as Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Joe Biden hijacked for fraud, an expert with Point3 Security offers perspective and advice to protect against mobile phishing.

Chloé Messdaghi, VP of Strategy,  Point3 Security
August 04, 2020
Attackers are the malicious/bad actors – in contrast, hackers find and report vulnerabilities without exploiting them.
As we’re learning, one of the young men arrested today was previously investigated back in April, and the Secret Service previously took 700K bitcoin from him. We’re in a time when people are generally overwhelmed and attackers know this and are actively exploiting it. That’s why we’re seeing a rise in mobile phishing in particular. Think about it: now more than ever, if someone gets a t ....
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