Experts On 61% Of Malicious Ads Target Windows Users

According to Devcon researchers, 61% of the malicious ads observed from between July 11 and November 22, 2019 were aimed at Windows users including malicious ad campaigns “designed to redirect the user to malicious sites or to trick the user into downloading a piece of malware.” The research also revealed that malvertising campaigns over the past four months have targeted ChromeOS in surprising numbers

Ken Zwiebel, General Manager ,  PerimeterX
December 03, 2019
Most people will not even recognize ChromeOS as a target at all for malware.
None of this is very surprising as Windows is the most common OS in the world and therefore, the most commonly targeted. Two things, however, stand out from this report. The first is simply that malware that starts with ads is on the rise. Even with all the built-in security in browsers and the increase in awareness of these attack vectors, end-users are more vulnerable today while browsing the we ....
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