Experts Insight On Adwind jRAT Variant

Security researchers became aware of a new variant of Adwind jRAT, a remote access Trojan that uses Java to take control and collect data from a user’s machine–namely login credentials. Malware that takes advantage of common Java functionality is notoriously difficult to detect or detonate in a sandbox for the simple fact that Java is so common on the web. In fact, any effort to block or limit Java would result in much of the internet breaking down–a non starter for users who increasingly rely on rich web apps or SaaS platforms for their day-to-day responsibilities.


John Handelaar, VP EMEA ,  Gurucul
October 31, 2019
Using behaviour analytics allows the businesses to quickly identify and remediate threats.
The only way to quickly identify and block this sort of attack would be by using behaviour analytics to identify the anomalous behaviour, as well as the use of automation and orchestration to automatically block the transactions or traffic flow. When attackers manage to hijack legitimate access rights, they can remain undetected for extended periods of time. Many organisations don’t have the ab ....
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David Kennefick, Product Architect,  edgescan
October 31, 2019
The scanning tool will need to be maintained and updated in order to provide the most secure web presence.
The best defence against malware delivered via email and web is a combination of education and technology. An email gateway technology should always be in place. Organisations should start with their email provider and work from there. Per device firewalls and malware detection tools may eliminate threats that make it past the first line. Employing password managers and forcing multiple factors o ....
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