Experts Comments On The News: French Hospital Hit By Ransomware Attack

You may have already spotted, but a ransomware attack has hit a French hospital crippling 6,000 computers; reminiscent of WannaCry, which hit the NHS in 2017. To prevent the infection spreading, the IT team opted to close down the systems and operate in ‘degraded mode’.  It is predicted it will take much of this week to restore systems to standard functionality and the French National Agency for Information Systems Security is assisting the hospital IT team.

Martin Jartelius, CSO ,  Outpost24
November 25, 2019
Hospitals are a great target for an attacker as they are frequently setup without a defense in depth mindset.
Firstly, it shows how defense in depth deficiencies are becoming a threat to public safety. Hospitals are a great target for an attacker as they are frequently setup without a defense in depth mindset – when someone is rushed in to the ER and equipment is needed, access here and now to anyone that need to use that device is the first priority. This mindset then seems to spill over to affect how ....
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Ilia Kolochenko, Founder and CEO,  ImmuniWeb
November 22, 2019
The hospital may likely have a legal claim for negligence and breach of contract against its IT suppliers.
I would not downplay the risks stemming from this large-scale attack that reportedly paralyzed virtually all critical systems within the entire hospital. In light of mushrooming doom-style reports, saying that hackers are apt to kill people by technology means, often being exaggerated and detached from reality, this particular incident indeed may lead to catastrophic and irreparable consequences. ....
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Cesar Cerrudo, CTO ,  IOActive
November 22, 2019
It is vital that there is greater education and that organisations do more to test their defences against hackers.
The Rouen University Hospital has been paralysed by ransomware, with an attack similar to WannaCry in 2017, putting lives at risk. Sadly, the targeting of hospitals with ransomware is a growing trend; earlier this year seven hospitals in Australia were also impacted by ransomware. Hospitals are becoming a major target as despite new technology adoption being high, there is often a lack of cyber se ....
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Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO,  RSA Security
November 22, 2019
This wasn’t necessarily the case 15 years ago.
A big driver behind the increasing popularity of ransomware is digital transformation. While this has brought with it many benefits, organisations have become reliant on these digital technologies; loss of data can be a critical issue, making ransoming that data a much more profitable business. Added to this, systems are much more hyper-connected now than they used to be and one of the evolutions ....
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