Experts Comments On New 5G Flaws Can Track Phone Locations And Spoof Emergency Alerts

It has been reported that security researchers at Purdue University and the University of Iowa have found close to a dozen vulnerabilities in 5G, which they say can be used to track a victim’s real-time location, spoof emergency alerts that can trigger panic or silently disconnect a 5G-connected phone from the network altogether. 5G is said to be more secure than its 4G predecessor, but the researchers’ findings confirm that weaknesses undermine the newer security and privacy protections in 5G. Worse, the researchers said some of the new attacks also could be exploited on existing 4G networks.

David Kennefick, Product Architect,  edgescan
November 14, 2019
One of the main perks of 5G is that security has been taken into account from the start of the design process.
The introduction and rollout of new technology will always have challenges. With technology such as 5G, the major problems come when you are retrofitting old technology to suit and work with new technology. The use of functionality in a way it was not designed for is an useful method for finding vulnerabilities and can be a gateway into compromising security controls. One of the main perks of 5G ....
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Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, Managing Director ,  Bulletproof
November 14, 2019
In addition, as 5G is designed for commercial use.
In the past, with similar vulnerabilities in software, the argument has been should we really care if someone knows where a handset, what is the risk? In my opinion, this is serious threat as it allows for location tracking to potentially be used discrediting an individual based on location, track and intercept, as well as disconnect your phone at a time of need. This is especially worrying for hi ....
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Robert Ramsden Board, VP EMEA ,  Securonix
November 14, 2019
However, like the cloud, users will have to be aware of these risks.
5G networks will bring the next generation of mobile internet connectivity allowing for a smarter and more connected world. However, any new technology is likely to contain vulnerabilities and introduce new cyber threats. The vulnerabilities discovered in this research could put phone users at risk through allowing hackers to track a victim’s real-time location, spoof emergency alerts or disconn ....
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Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer,  Cybereason
November 14, 2019
While location can be tracked in many ways, we shouldn't make it easier or cheaper collectively.
I'm not surprised by these 5G developments. Purdue U and Iowa U researchers are excellent at security research, and 5G has massive promise but is a new technology. Whenever a new technology arrives, we will always see a massive spike with risk and then we learn to compensate and fit it into what we do. Security should not be the "department of no" but should instead become the "department of yes" ....
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