Expert Warns On Undeletable Malware Crippling Mobile Phone Users

It has been reported that almost 15 percent of the Android users who were targeted with mobile adware or malware last year were left with undeletable files. It was discovered that several preinstalled adware on Android devices carrying Trojans, loaders, and other malware on top of their “legitimate” payload. Adware is a type of malware that hides itself on a device in a bid to serve undesired adverts, including scam ads, to users. Apps containing adware are usually a big nuisance for users as they can drain battery resources, steal personal details of users, and also increase network traffic.

Chris Hazelton, Director of Security Solutions at Mobile Cybersecurity Specialists,  Lookout
July 08, 2020
Some users buying adware laden phones are willing to sacrifice their privacy and personal information for a lower price.
Pre-installed adware allows apps to bypass public app store security scrutiny as well as Android developer agreements, both of which are in place to protect users and their privacy. Working with hardware manufacturers these apps have been given system privileges that prevent not only anti-malware from removing them, but also prevent the user from deleting these apps from their device. Unfortunatel ....
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