Expert Reactions On iOS Mail Has ‘Critical’ Security Flaws

As reported by TechRadar, Germany’s federal cybersecurity agency has issued a warning urging all iOS users to install Apple’s latest security updates which patch two zero-click security vulnerabilities that impact the company’s default email app.

The vulnerabilities were first discovered by the US-based security firm ZecOps which found that they were being actively exploited in attacks targeting iOS users since at least January of 2018. Apple has acknowledged the security flaws though the company says it has found “no evidence they were used against customers”.

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
May 29, 2020
it is always highly recommended that all iOS users auto-install the latest security updates.
No-click attacks are simply the most horrifying attacks on phones; there is no user interaction necessary and they can cause some serious damage. Similar to what happened with Jeff Bezos, if a threat actor simply sends a message to the target device, it can manipulate the phone. Although there are no reports of this attack occurring in the wild, this doesn’t suggest it hasn’t actually been use ....
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