Expert Reaction On US govt exposing Chinese espionage malware

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released information on malware variants referred to as TAIDOOR used by the  Chinese government-sponsored hackers targeting government agencies and other cooperations. Cybersecurity experts commented below.

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO,  Thycotic
August 06, 2020
One method that a government might use it for is a misdirection to create a scenario where it looks like China is behind a cyberattack.
When malware is out in the wild like Taidoor, it is difficult to trace it back to the attacker using it for malicious activities, such as remote access. Absolutely, it is highly likely that the origin of the malware is from China however since it has been around for almost 12 years it is very likely that several governments, organized cybercrime, and mercenary criminal hackers have got hold of the ....
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Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer,  Cybereason
August 06, 2020
In any other theater besides cyber, they would be a clear act of war and subject to diplomatic, economic, and potentially military reprisals.
The newest revelations regarding China's repeated attempts to steal IP from U.S. based public and private organisations will result in a strong denial of involvement, as their talking points always include something about how shocked they are and that as a nation aren't involved in espionage or nation-state hacking. In reality, it's a game of 'Xi said,' 'she said' with China looking to distance it ....
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