Expert Reaction On UK urgently needs cybersecurity centre to protect autonomous cars from hackers

It has been reported that the UK “urgently needs” a transport cybersecurity program if it hopes to safely introduce connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) to the roads, according to the leaders of a pioneering project. The ResiCAV project investigated how CAVs and their associated infrastructure can develop “real-time responsiveness” to cybersecurity threats. Potential threats include cyber attacks against cars’ perception sensors, which could trick vehicles into ‘seeing’ something that is not there – or not seeing something that is. Hackers might also try to manipulate vehicles through data connections and ‘shared information protocols’, such as vehicle-to-vehicle, or vehicle-to-everything.

Chris Clark, Automotive Security Software Platform Architect ,  Synopsys
May 15, 2020
Collection and tracking of this type of data will raise concerns regarding potential infringement of privacy law.
The Resilient Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (ResiCAV) Project is ambitious and has to be considering the challenges in managing and monitoring for threats in such a diverse environment. The opportunity is real, though, the tie between vehicles and infrastructure is critical to the success of moving the information needed. The real question is when vehicle manufacturers will be able to share th ....
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