Expert Reaction On Personal Information Of 46,000 Veterans Was Compromised In Data Breach

It has been reported that the Department of Veterans Affairs notified veterans Monday morning of a data breach that resulted in the exposure of 46,000 veterans’ personal information. This breach took place when an unauthorized users tries to access an application within the Financial Service Center (FSC) to steal payment. The techniques used by the attacker are “Social engineering” and “exploiting authentication protocol” in order to gain access to the system. Cybersecurity experts reacted on this news below.

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
September 16, 2020
Older people tend to be even more trusting, which means they are less likely to spot a scam.
Threat actors like to prey on the vulnerable as they are perceived as low hanging fruit. We all like to think that we’re not susceptible to social engineering or manipulation, but the truth is that even cautious, intelligent, self-aware people get caught up in online scams, which can have very damaging consequences. This is simply because the cybersecurity education available still isn't enough, ....
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Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer,  Cybereason
September 15, 2020
Their behaviour in this time of crisis is despicable and disgusting.
Disgusting is how I would categorise this latest reported hack of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Is there no longer honour among thieves? Their behaviour in this time of crisis is despicable and disgusting. Today, new security threats are surfacing on a regular basis and cyber crime groups are not only well funded but they are patient and persistent. If they have their sights set on one parti ....
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Thomas Richards, Principal Consultant,  Synopsys
September 15, 2020
organisations should conduct regular social engineering assessments against their staff to raise awareness
Social engineering is a very common attack strategy which threat actors use to gain access to applications or systems within a corporate network. At Synopsys, based on our security assessment services, we have found that at least one person will always fall for our social engineering attempts. To prevent a successful attack, there are several compensating controls an organisation can put in place. ....
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