Expert Reaction On FBI, Homeland Security Warn Of Iranian Terror And Cyber Threat In New Intelligence Bulletin

It has been reported that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned of the terror threats Iran poses to the US in a joint intelligence bulletin sent to law enforcement throughout the country on Wednesday. In the bulletin, which was obtained by CNN, the agencies predicted Iran could take immediate steps to attack the US in cyberspace, and noted that Iran has a history of attempting assassinations and planting operatives in the US to conduct surveillance for terror attacks.

Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer,  Cybereason
January 09, 2020
The latest joint bulletin from the FBI and DHS is not surprising in the least.
Iran, like many nations, is never really at peace in the cybersphere. In peacetime, it seeks to expand the sphere of what it can control or “own,” while adding to the arsenal of delivery mechanisms and payloads. This in itself is not unusual and is a status quo, of sorts, online. However, recent exchanges between the US and Iran have led to an increase in tension and all parties who touch the ....
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