Expert On News: Intel Investigating Breach Of 20GB Documents Leak

US chipmaker Intel is investigating a security breach of 20 GB of internal documents classified as “Confidential” or “Restricted Secret” uploaded on file-sharing site MEGA.The data was published by Till Kottmann, a Swiss software engineer, who claims to received files from anonymous person. The cybersecurity experts highlight the danger of using third party services.

Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate,  KnowBe4
August 07, 2020
it is important to log not only who has access, but when and what data they are accessing.
While this appears to be an issue related to a third party, it does underline the security concerns around intellectual property when working with business partners both up and down the supply chain. There is always a risk when sharing potentially sensitive information to these business partners, however, this is often an unavoidable part of doing business. Intel appears to have quickly traced th ....
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