Expert On FIFA 21 Cybersecurity Threats

FIFA 21 finally becomes available to the general public, but with the game being so popular, potential cybersecurity threats lurk in the shadows. Cybersecurity experts provide an insight below.

Chris Boyd, Lead Malware Intelligence Analyst,  Malwarebytes
October 09, 2020
On console, scammers will often send direct messages to other players claiming to be game Admins or offering special deals.
FIFA games are enormously popular, and the target of many types of scam as a result. With the launch of FIFA 21, gamers need to have their wits about them. For example, coins, used as in-game currency, are often the focus of "cheap currency purchase" sites which go hand-in-hand with phishing – a scam where targets are targeted by email, telephone or text message. A variety of different bait is u ....
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