Expert On Family Tree Maker Exposing Users’ Private Information

In response to Family Tree Maker, a popular family tree software, exposing tens of thousands of its users’ personal information online via a misconfigured cloud server, cybersecurity experts provide an insight below.

Trevor Morgan, Product Manager ,  comforte AG
July 23, 2020
Many encryption algorithms can be easily cracked.
As the Family Tree Maker scenario clearly displays, security administrators, need to move beyond reinforcing their perimeter boundaries and access mechanisms. This is not to say that they need to neglect perimeter security. However, no matter how much effort and investment are poured into securing the borders of their data environment, sensitive data inevitably will wind up in the wrong hands—ei ....
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Chris Clements, VP,  Cerberus Sentinel
July 23, 2020
Businesses that disregard cultivating a true culture of security will find themselves increasingly exposed and penalized.
Exposures from misconfigured servers and applications are among the most embarrassing security incidents. It’s fun to think about elite teams of attackers and defenders battling it out in cybersecurity, but cases like this are the equivalent of a shop leaving the cash register out on the street. This type of error or omission is common in organizations that have not cultivated a culture of secu ....
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