Expert Insight: US Secret Service reports an Increase in Hacked MSPs

According to ZDNet US Secret Service says hackers are breaching MSPs to orchestrate ransomware attacks, point-of-sale intrusions, and business email compromise (BEC) scams. The US Secret Service sent out a security alert last month to the US private sector and government organisations warning about an increase in hacks of managed service providers (MSPs). MSPs provide remote management software for companies. MSPs can be simple services like file-sharing systems to complete solutions that manage a customer’s entire computer fleet. Most MSP services are built around a server-client software architecture. The server part can be remotely hosted with the MSP inside a cloud infrastructure or installed on-premise with the client. Usually, getting access to the server component of an MSP grants an attacker full control of all software clients.

Dan Panesar, Director UK & Ireland,  Securonix
July 07, 2020
It is important to remember that even though you rely on an MSP or MSSP, you are still culpable for the information that you own.
Enterprises have been hard at work modernizing their infrastructure and transitioning to the digital world to provide better, faster, and economically more efficient services to their constituents. As a result of this transformation, they become increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals looking for softer targets to attack; and unfortunately, they often are softer. Transitioning to cloud services ....
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