Expert Insight On Malware Turns Discord Client Into Password Stealer

Hackers have updated the AnarchyGrabber trojan to a new version which is capable of stealing passwords and user tokens, disabling 2FA and spreading malware to a victim’s friends as well. This is the second update the trojan has received this year as it was also updated back in April to modify Discord client files in order to evade detection by antivirus software and steal user accounts every time someone logs into the popular chat service.

Chris Hauk, Consumer Privacy Champion,  Pixel Privacy
May 26, 2020
Each login should use a unique, secure password.
The continuing evolution of malware like "AnarchyGrabber" underscores the need for users to remain ever alert for such attacks. Users will need to follow the instructions included in most reports on how to check if they've been attacked by the malware, and they should also always be running anti-malware software to protect their machines. I know this is repeated over and over, but never use the sa ....
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