Expert Insight On Hackers Access Critical Data of Egyptian Transportation App

The Egyptian bus-hailing company, SWVL, revealed this week that its platform was exposed to a security breach that targeted the data of some customers. It is believed that names, email addresses and phone numbers were accessed by the attackers. SWVL stated, that as soon as the breach was discovered, the information technology team dealt with it, adding that the breached vulnerability was secured, and the site was fully secured.

Trevor Morgan, Product Manager ,  comforte AG
July 08, 2020
Even if sensitive data is accessed or stolen, nothing meaningful or valuable could be extracted from the tokens themselves.
What is encouraging about this situation is Swvl’s commitment to react rapidly to the breach to determine the extent of compromised data and the level of sensitivity. They quickly triaged the response to understand the full extent of exposure. That is an appropriate response given the circumstances. What is unclear is whether or not they will institute a more data-centric approach to their cust ....
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