Expert Insight On Elexon cyber attack

Elexon, an organisation that is central to the balancing and settlement of the UK electricity market, has been hit by a cyber-attack. Following security experts provide their insight below:

Cath Goulding , CISO ,  Nominet
May 18, 2020
This latest breach is a reminder of how important it is that those who are part of the critical services ecosystem.
The suspected ransomware attack on Elexon could have been much worse. As the company is in charge of distributing power supply in the power grid for the UK, employees not being able to access systems and act quickly could have had significant consequences. Thankfully, impact seems to have been limited. This latest breach is a reminder of how important it is that those who are part of the critical ....
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Carl Wearn, Head of E-Crime ,  Mimecast
May 18, 2020
Ransomware activity is likely to be more of a threat during this global pandemic.
This is further evidence that ransomware attacks can happen to any organisation, no matter their size or sector. This is why it is imperative to ensure that all businesses are prepared for the possibility of a ransomware attack and implement proper resilience measures. This will allow them to be in the best position to recover if the worst-case scenario does happen. Having contingency plans in pla ....
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Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst,  Forcepoint
May 18, 2020
It’s inevitable that organizations dealing with highly valuable IP will be targets for cyberattackers.
We’re operating in a heightened environment where nation states – as well as cybercriminals acting for financial gain – can exploit the associated human stressors with our current situation to get to money or valuable intellectual property by exploiting the work-from-home model or hiding in the noise generated by all these on-going changes in the infrastructure. It’s inevitable that organ ....
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