Expert Comments On Powerful Cyber Attack Takes Down 25% Of Iranian Internet

Iran has seemingly come under cyber-attack. Indeed, so powerful was the impact of this alleged attack that the internet was disrupted across the country. The NetBlocks internet observatory, which maps internet freedom in real-time, confirmed that there was extensive Iranian telecommunications network disruption on the morning of February 8. In a NetBlocks tweet, the national internet connectivity drop to 75% was said to be due to Iranian authorities activating the “Digital Fortress” cyber-defense mechanism, also known as DZHAFA.

Paul Bischoff, Privacy Advocate,  Comparitech
February 11, 2020
A DDoS attack is used to temporarily disrupt the target's network and overload its servers.
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are quite accessible and cheap for cybercriminals to pull off. Even if the target was Iran's infrastructure, an attack of this scale isn't necessarily state-sponsored. It could be anyone with access to a large botnet. Botnets are typically made up of internet-connected devices that are infected with botnet malware. The attacker uses the combined resourc ....
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