Expert Comments On Over 30 Data Breach Incidents in Health Care Reported So Far In 2020, Affecting Over 1 Million Individuals

In response to reports indicating that 30 over 30 data breach incidents in health care have been reported to HHS so far in 2020, affecting over 1 million individuals, an expert offers perspective.

James McQuiggan, Security Awareness Advocate,  KnowBe4
February 21, 2020
Healthcare organizations are struggling to keep up with technology to stop these attacks.
Six weeks into the new year and the healthcare industry is getting beat up by the criminal hackers with 30 breaches so far impacting over 1 million people. That works out to be one person impacted by a data breach every five minutes. It's unfortunate that the report only covers breaches reported for over 500 people impacted, as I believe that number could be one person every minute impacted by a d ....
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