Expert Commentary: Data Breach In State’s New PUA Unemployment System Exposes Some Claimants’ Personal Info

A data breach for the Illinois’ new system to process unemployment claims for contractors and gig workers exposed personal information for potentially thousands of people, but state officials said the error was fixed within an hour of learning of the issue. The Illinois Department of Employment Security confirmed one person who has filed claim for benefits through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program was able to access personal information for “a limited number of claimants” on Friday. Illinois State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) said a constituent in her district made her aware of the data breach, after inadvertently accessing a spreadsheet with names and personal information for thousands of unemployment applicants. IDES said the problem was fixed within an hour of being notified.

Mark Bower, Senior Vice President ,  comforte AG
May 19, 2020
When storing critically sensitive data, security and privacy must always be at the front of the discussion.
All indications are that this was an accidental software issue, but such incidents can be the cause of massive breaches of trust as well as data. Given the critical need for data security for businesses and people in stressed economic times, organizations establishing new services should really take a look at more modern, snap-in data tokenization technology to modernize their approach to data col ....
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