Expert Comment: Russia & US Power Grid Cyberwar

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The US and Russia are currently locked in a series of escalating cyber-attacks, with the US reportedly attacking Russia’s power grids and the Kremlin responding with a warning of potential cyberwar. 

Expert Comments: 

Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder at BlackFog:

“The current cyber standoff between the US and Russia is heralding a new era of cyber warfare where critical infrastructure like power grids is the target of choice. Escalating tensions between the two states have implications for nations across the globe, with British Army chief General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith recently saying computer software is the greatest threat to Britain’s security and the Public Accounts Committee revealing the UK is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than ever before.   

“With so much of the world’s critical infrastructure online and powered through digital technologies, we’re dealing with a new level of cyber sophistication. We must accept that attackers will inevitably find a way in. Across government and industry, we need to focus on preventing them then getting out with valuable data – state secrets, intellectual property, and personal information. This means monitoring data flow, being able to identify in real time when an attacker is trying to remove unauthorised data from the network, and stopping them before they get the data out.” 


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