Expert Comment: New Node.js Malware Distributed by Fake U.S. Dept of Treasury Emails

As per Bleeping Computer report, the new Node.js based remote access trojan and password-stealing malware spreads via malicious emails. It pretends to be coming from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. And for that issue, a cybersecurity expert from Cerberus Sentinel offers perspective.

Chris Clements, VP,  Cerberus Sentinel
May 20, 2020
Block access to the command and control (C2) server at: central[.]qhub[.]qua[.]one.
Cyber criminals are always quick to leverage current events in order to compromise their victims. In this case the lure is the promise of relief money from the government. This is an especially compelling and cruel ploy with many people suffering from severe economic uncertainty due to the COVID19 pandemic, but rest assured attackers will change tactics to exploit future events in the news. Thi ....
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