Expert Advises On Microsoft To End Update And Patch Distribution For Windows 7

Tomorrow, Microsoft will end regular update and patch distributions for Windows 7, leaving those without preparations in place at risk. Security experts commented below on this news and what is best strategy for companies still using Windows 7.

Chris Morales, Head of Security Analytics,  Vectra
January 15, 2020
A user should never use an unsupported operating system for public facing internet use.
Windows 7 will keep working come January 15. Nothing will change overnight. It is true that Windows 7 will be more vulnerable to attack. That is the expectation. But I don’t think the actual impact will be catastrophic. For home users that want to cling on for whatever reasons, many of the potential problems could be mitigated using other tools and methods, like VPN, encryption, security softw ....
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Leigh Anne Galloway, Cybersecurity Resilience Lead,  Positive Technologies
January 15, 2020
To reduce the risk of being attacked, we recommend that you use protection tools.
Microsoft’s decision to stop support for Windows 7 presents multiple opportunities for attackers to exploit ordinary users. Especially given that the operating system is still popular. In December 2019, 26% of Windows users have Windows 7 installed, according to Statcounter. When a new zero-day vulnerability (the so-called 0-day) is discovered by attackers, the consequences are countless. For ex ....
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Shawn Kanady, Director of Digital Forensics, Incident Response,  Trustwave SpiderLabs
January 14, 2020
We expect attackers will begin actively looking for Windows 7 operating systems as a "soft spot" for a compromise.
The End of Life means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates like the ones listed below. This will increase the risk assumed by those organizations that continue to run Windows 7 or 2008 and we expect attackers will begin actively looking for those operating systems as a "soft spot" for a compromise. For instance, shortly after Windows XP went into End of Life, we saw widespread ex ....
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Ken Galvin, Senior Product Manager,  Quest KACE
January 13, 2020
Daunting as it may be, we’re now at the stage where the best option is to upgrade.
If an organisation is running Windows 7 past Tuesday, January 14th, they are putting their company and staff data at risk, as well as that of their suppliers, partners, and customers, because security patches will no longer be available. Many businesses are still running Windows 7 because they’ve been slow to act, hadn’t seen it as a priority, or thought of it as too much of a daunting challen ....
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