Emotet Took Down A Network By Overheating All Computers – Expert Reaction

Microsoft says that an Emotet infection was able to take down an organisation’s entire network by maxing out CPUs on Windows devices and bringing its Internet connection down to a crawl after one employee was tricked to open a phishing email attachment. “After a phishing email delivered Emotet, a polymorphic virus that propagates via network shares and legacy protocols, the virus shut down the organization’s core services,” DART said.

Roger Grimes, Data-driven Defence Evangelist ,  KnowBe4
April 06, 2020
Once malware has the keys to the kingdom, it can do anything.
That it occurred because of a single phishing email is not strange. Seventy to ninety percent of all malicious breaches happen because of social engineering and phishing. No other single root cause is close. Not to scare anyone, but what this malware program and the hacker gang attached to it did, was not new. There was nothing special about what they used or what happened. Once any malware progra ....
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