Dundee And Angus College Cyber Attack – Expert Analysis

Dundee and Angus College has remained closed today after a recent cyber attack, which occurred late last week. The College computer systems were shut down, and students have been asked to reset their passwords before attempting to access online college systems. The College’s Principal has released a statement saying that they do not believe this was a targeted attack, but instead was just an act of “mischief”.


Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist,  ESET
February 04, 2020
Colleges, universities and schools also need to regularly test their back up processes.
Although it can’t be said that this attack was conducted by students, universities and schools are often higher-risk targets for this sort of threat due to the number of students learning their trade in computer science. Many students turn to the nearest organisation to test any malware they may have worked with legally in classes. However, this is still a crime, and part of the Computer Misuse ....
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