DerpTroll Hacker Pleads Guilty To DDoS Attacks

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Following the news that the attacker behind DDoS attacks against Sony, EA and Steam has entered into a guilty plea in federal court, Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Networks commented below.

Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Networks:

“It’s rather eye-opening to see that a cybercriminal allegedly behind attacks on Sony, EA, and other gaming providers, almost five years ago, is only just being brought to justice.  This certainly shows that you can’t sit back and do nothing with respect to DDoS protection and hope law enforcement will address this growing problem for you.

It is, however, somewhat comforting that enforcement agencies are pursuing cybercrime cases for such extended periods of time, as was also recently demonstrated with the conviction of those behind the Mirai botnet.  Although, when those criminals can simply turn informers, then quite literally be handed a get out of jail free card, you have to question how much of a deterrent the risk of being caught actually is?”

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