Cybercriminals Moving From Consumers To Businesses

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Malwarebytes has published a Q1 report finding that cybercriminals have switched tactics to focus on business targets, moving away from directly targeting consumers. Overall threats to businesses rose by 200% year-on-year, with detections of Emotet targeting organisations rising 200% since Q4. 

Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO at Bromium:

“Hackers have become much more resourceful, investing time and money to develop new tactics to bypass enterprise defences. A classic example of this is Emotet, which has remained a thorn in the side of security teams because of hackers ability to rapidly change tactics, whether that’s by applying polymorphic wrapping or checking if its IP address is already on the spam list. This type of continuous development shows that hackers are more than willing to invest whatever it takes to target enterprisewith deep pockets and high-value assets, ensuring hackers can improve their ROI. To defend against this, organisations need to create cyber resilience by adopting layered cybersecurity defences that utilise application isolation to contain malicious threats, providing rich-threat telemetry about the hacker’s intent that hardens the entire defensive infrastructure against known and unknown malware attacks. This allows organisations tokeep critical IP protected and help them stay one-step ahead of new techniques or services being deployed by cybercriminals.” 


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