Cyber Threats Against Financial Services Up 56%

It has been reported that, according to security firm ZeroFox, there has been a 56% year-over-year increase in digital threats targeting the financial space. Researchers scanned 2.9 billion pieces of content and found more than 8.9 million security events in a 12-month period. Brand abuse and manipulation was the most common threat, with more than 250,000 events. Ninety percent of these were name impersonations, often not easily detected due to disguising tactics.

Justin Fox, Director of DevOps Engineering ,  NuData Security
August 23, 2019
Attackers do not recognise borders, boundaries, or nationalities.
There are three main threats to highlight for financial services organisations. These include social engineering attacks, attacks that take advantage of misconfigurations, and attacks that leverage consumer information from data breaches. A major threat from data breaches is how the data is used in common attacks like credential stuffing and fraudulent account creation to undermine consumer confid ....
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