Cyber Security Skills Shortage – Expert Comments

RedSeal released a report revealing that the UK Cyber-security skills gap is ‘at breaking point’ – the story is here.

Paul McEvatt, Senior Threat & Intelligence Manager ,  Fujitsu EMEIA
November 28, 2019
Government, academia, law enforcement and businesses all have a part to play in talent identification.
The cyber security skills gap has become too large for organisations to ignore with a reported 3.5m unfilled positions expected by 2021. Cyber security incidents and data loss continue to pose a significant risk to the UK economy. 35% of the public recently admitted to having security concerns around the sharing of personal data, showing the long-term impact that these incidents – and lack of talent – is having on the public’s opinion towards how their data is handled. It is evident new approaches to talent creation need to be considered. Government, academia, law enforcement and businesses all have a part to play in talent identification and will need to work collectively on the provision of different pathways for students who may not ordinarily be suited to the traditional education route. One way to achieve this is through addressing diversity within cyber security and making training more accessible to people of all backgrounds. By doing this, businesses will be able to tap into more talent than ever before. Further to this, more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity teams will be key in facilitating a broader range of ideas and perspectives about how to detect and respond to attacks against UK businesses.

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