Commuters Of London Will Have Their Mobile Wi-Fi Data Collected From July

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The BBC is reporting that tube commuters in London will have their mobile Wi-Fi data collected from July as a part of a scheme to improve journeys.  

Paul Norris, Senior Systems Engineer, EMEA at Tripwire:

“It is important that these mass-collections of data are monitored and regulated. There is nothing inherently risky in collecting information that will help improve the logistics of operations, but customers should be informed that a certain type of data will be recorded and asked whether they wish to opt out. This will likely happen through an additional disclaimer to which users will have to agree before they can connect to the public wi-fi.   

How the information is stored and who can access it is also something that needs addressing: as our ability to monitor one’s every step increases, it is essential that individual privacy remains at the forefront of any organisation’s priorities. To edge on safety and safeguard their privacy, users should consider using a VPN anytime they access a public network.”

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