Comments: NCSC Warns UK Universities Of The Risks Of State-sponsored Cyberattacks

The UK’s National Cybersecurity Centre has issued an advisory which warns UK universities that “state espionage will continue to pose the most significant threat to the long-term health of both universities and the UK itself”, adding that there is a real possibility that “the threat will increase in-line with increased scrutiny of foreign direct investment and the minimizing of other avenues to gain insight and advantage,” TEISS reported.

Jordan Wright, Principal R&D Engineer,  Duo Security
September 20, 2019
Phishing was cited as one of the primary attack tactics in the report.
Universities are a prime target for phishing because of their diverse user base, including students, faculty, governors and even parents. Universities hold a large amount of information such as sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII), payment details and valuable grant funded research all of which can prove to be valuable to motivated attackers. Phishing was cited as one of the prim ....
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Paul Edon, Senior Director (EMEA) ,  Tripwire
September 19, 2019
Most times, a hacker’s function is to cause as much disruption as possible, so finding and patching known vulnerabilities.
We have seen the effects that cyber-attacks can have on educational institutions, which is why it pays to make attackers lives as difficult as possible. The only way to do this is to implement security and defence tools that we already know work, like perimeter protection tools such as firewalls, network segmentation to contain any threat discovered as well as vulnerability assessment solutions. B ....
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Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor ,  DomainTools
September 19, 2019
Being aware of the potential threats is the first step of any successful cybersecurity strategy.
Educational institutions are a notoriously ripe target for cybercriminals, first and foremost for the valuable intellectual property stored on their servers, but also for the wealth of information that universities collect about their students and staff. The warning issued by the NCSC goes to show that steps are being taken at a governmental level to prepare educational institutions for the eventu ....
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