Commentary On EU Warning Over 5G Security Risks From State-Backed Entities

The European Union has published a joint risk-assessment warning that 5G networks could be at risk from suppliers with strong links to national governments. However, the report, which was clearly aimed at highlighting the risks posed by using hardware and services supplied by Chinese telecoms companies, stopped short from naming Huawei and ZTE.

The report – prepared by an EU security group – highlighted the increased security risks posed by well-resourced state-backed entities and called for a new approach to securing telecoms infrastructure in the EU. The report stressed that non-EU companies bidding for 5G network contracts could be “subject to interference” when they have strong ties to their government, or work in a system that lacks “democratic checks and balances”.

Richard Bejtlich , Principal Security Strategist,  Corelight
October 11, 2019
One hundred years ago, oil occupied the "commanding heights" heights of the world economy.
One hundred years ago, oil occupied the "commanding heights" heights of the world economy. Today, telecommunications holds that post. These technologies and services must be provided by parties that are trustworthy and capable of developing and maintaining secure code and configurations. China's national champions have shown they are neither trustworthy nor competent and should be avoided by those who recognize the centrality of telecommunications to modern life.

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