Experts’ Reactions on NotPetya Cyber Attack Anniversary

On Saturday, it is the third anniversary of the NotPetya ransomware attack, one of the most devastating cyberattacks since the invention of the internet. It is thought that the total damages of the attack were in excess of $10 billion.

Amir Preminger, VP of Research,  Claroty
June 30, 2020
The foundation of the next NotPetya is still being created...
It’s important to remember the far-reaching impact of NotPetya would not have been possible if the “wormable” EternalBlue exploit vulnerability in Microsoft’s implementation of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol had not been publicly disclosed. Coupling together the vulnerability and a brute-force approach of infecting an accessible IP created the perfect conditions to make NotPetya i ....
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David Grout, CTO of EMEA,  FireEye
June 23, 2020
NotPetya highlighted the need for resiliency, backup, and preparation, as well as the importance of being able to track and identify the perpetrators
Three years ago, organisations across the world began to report disruption as a result of the NotPetya ransomware attack. This campaign impacted organisations in at least 65 countries, but in particular, Ukraine, which was the primary target. In the aftermath, Mandiant Threat Intelligence analysts discovered a link between these attacks and the notorious Russian state-sponsored Sandworm group, whi ....
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