Comment: Connected Toys Identified With Serious Security Flaws

It has been reported that a range of connected toys available on the high street and online have been found to include serious security flaws which could put children at risk of exposure to strangers and inappropriate content. That is the conclusion of research from consumer group Which? after testing of a series of popular ‘smart’ toys fitted with internet and Bluetooth connectivity.

Hagay Katz, VP Cybersecurity,  Allot
December 12, 2019
Toys have always been thought of as a safe gift for a child but in the age of “smart toys,” these innocent gifts are security loopholes for hackers.
Toys have always been thought of as an innocuous and safe gift for a child but in the age of “smart toys,” these innocent gifts are more often than not gaping security loopholes for hackers to take advantage of. Their proliferation seemingly has no end with 5G’s promised speeds. The thought that a toy meant to comfort one’s child could be watching everything that’s happening inside a chi ....
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Boris Cipot, Senior Sales Engineer ,  Synopsys
December 11, 2019
Smart devices are becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives around the world.
‘Smart’ devices are widely understood to be able to connect with other devices via the internet and/or utilise artificial intelligence. Unfortunately ‘smart’ doesn’t equal ‘secure’. As consumers, we’re often captivated by device functionality, so much so that we forget that these devices could potentially leave our home network vulnerable and our privacy compromised. Children’s t ....
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