Chrome 71 Feature That Blocks Abusive Ads

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Google has released Chrome 71 that will now block all ads on abusive websites including any ads or websites with hidden click areas, fake mouse pointers, non-interactive redirects, phishing, fake messages and alerts, or misleading behavior of any kind.

Chris Olson, CEO at The Media Trust:

Chris Olson“Google’s decision to add these features to Chrome 71 is a response to consumer demand for a safer, more pleasant online experience. Google’s move will likely apply pressure on operators of ad-supported websites to ensure their ads pose no threats to users. These operators would have to work closely with their upstream digital partners and third-party code-providers on rooting out malicious ads and protecting their webpages from unauthorized code, respectively. But in doing so, they will also scale down the risk of their sites being hacked and of infringing a growing number of data privacy laws like GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy Act.”

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