Call For Big Tech To Bake Backdoors Into Everything

It has been reported that the nations of the Five Eyes security alliance – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the UK – plus Japan and India, have called on technology companies to design their products so they offer access to encrypted messages and content. A joint “International Statement” issued yesterday frames the issue as a matter of public safety.

Tim Mackey, Principal Security Strategist,  Synopsys CyRC
October 13, 2020
With the growth of technology and digital economies comes a rise in criminal activity.
Economies and societies are based on trust. In a digital world, part of that trust equation is an attestation that two parties are who they say they are. This is accomplished partly via encryption technologies. If the encryption is faulty, say resulting from a poor implementation or reuse of encryption keys, then there is the potential for anyone to gain access to the encrypted data. Of course, on ....
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