Breaking Commentary: Phishing Emails Targeting Mobile Devices To Hack Banking Apps

Reaching out to make sure you saw breaking news of a phishing campaign resurfacing the Android banking trojan dubbed Anubis, luring users through a fake Google Play update to gain access to mobile devices and steal sensitive financial information through hundreds of banking applications. Consumers are more vulnerable to fall victim to a phishing attack on their mobile devices, and once hackers gain access to users’ accounts, there is little that can be done to stop the hacker from accessing more information.

Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager,  OneSpan
February 10, 2020
Financial institutions can also help consumers out by investing in in-app protection.
The resurrection of the Anubis banking Trojan is a reminder that financial institutions, especially, cannot rely upon their customers’ mobile devices being secure. Hackers count on users being more vulnerable to phishing emails on mobile devices because they’re harder to detect – for example full email addresses are not always displayed on mobile devices and therefore can’t be recognized o ....
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