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French media is reporting that the Bouygues Group’s construction subsidiary has been hit by a massive ransomware attack. The entire computer network has been affected, and all of the company’s servers shut down. A ransom of 10 million Euros has been requested, and at least 200GB of data already stolen.

Dr. Muhammad Malik, Editor-in-Chief,  Information Security Buzz
February 04, 2020
The ransomware uses RSA-2048 and ChaCha20 encryption and normally requires the victim to contact the threat actor by email for the decryption key.
The threat actors behind the Maze ransomware attacks are responsible for this attack and they are known to steal the victim's data before encrypting it. If the data is also stolen, the threat actors can use this to threaten Bouygues Construction to publicly release their data unless a ransom is paid. The company has responded professionally by acknowledging the attack and this is vital step in res ....
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Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director,  Vectra
February 03, 2020
With these type of high velocity attacks time is the defending security team’s most precious resource.
We’ve recently seen multiple Maze ransomware attacks and data leaks, particularly in the US which prompted the FBI to put out warnings late last year. The attacks on Bouygues are thought to have spread from their US operations and widely disrupted their global IT operations. Ransomware is an insidious threat spreading virulently at machine speed across the victim’s internal networks, and th ....
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Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer,  Cybereason
February 03, 2020
Recovery is paramount and continual improvement and learning after the discovery is critical.
It's important to not leap to conclusions prematurely when anyone is hit with a cyberattack. With Bouygues being hit by ransomware, let's keep in mind that even the strongest of people can still be sucker-punched. Cyber attacks are the new norm and no defence is perfect. The post mortem in this attack will be very important to Bouygues, and to the world of critical infrastructure at large. As more ....
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