AWS Error Exposed GoDaddy Business Secrets

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Recently, security researchers discovered an AWS error exposed GoDaddy business secrets.  Configuration files for hostnames, operating systems, workloads, AWS regions, memory, CPU specifications, and more were exposed in the cache which described at least 24,000 systems.  The leak happened to be the error of an AWS salesperson who did not follow best practices with securing this particular bucket. Rich Campagna, CMO at Bitglass commented below.

Rich Campagna, CMO at Bitglass:

“What’s unusual about this incident is that in addition to the usual leak of names, emails, and credit card information intellectual property was also exposed and it was at the hand of an AWS employee.  Any data breach can cost an organization in more ways than one, but the loss of IP can be detrimental.  To avoid these types of incidents, organizations need to equip themselves with systems that provide visibility over the cloud along with alerts for high-risk configurations.”

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